Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sudhan Gali

Well, before I tell you the happenings at Sudhan Gali I would love to share this video which was shot on our way to Sudhan Gali...

The climate of Sudhan Gali(SG) was very different from that of Bagh city. In Bagh we were sweating, feeling hot. But in SG the weather was very nice, soothing cold. You see, there is a height difference of some 2000 feet between Bagh and SG.
We asked locals the directions to rest house, there are two government owned rest houses in Sudhan Gali. One is run by Tourism Development Department (TDD) , and other by PWD. All necessary info can be found here:

We approached the Tourism rest house, it is on a mountain with opening towards the valley. There are only 2 or 3 rooms in the rest house, and there was no room available when we reached. Omer tried a lot to call TDD before going but could not get a place reserved. the photos we took there were not clear, but we took a photo when coming back from Ganga Peak climb.

The most visible building in this photo is the rest house.

This part of the rest house was damaged due to 2005 earthquake.

Locals told us that the two rest houses will be soon re-constructed.
We asked the people present at rest house about where shall we go now, they called the PWD rest house gurad to ask whether there was any space available there. Luckily, we found a room in the other rest house. The charges were very minimal, 1000 rupess per night I guess.
Food was not available at rest house and we had to eat from Sudhan Gali bazar. The food was nice, (beans and boiled rice) and not expensive at all. The coffe was out class, and we really enjoyed it.

PWD resthouse from a side...

Stairs leading to the rest house, I should have snapped the end as well... :(

A few interesting things happened here, will write about them in next post... Like we went up hill to see the cricket ground on "Coopra". Bilal went missing, after dark and how we found him.

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