Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How does every day life in Pakistan look like?

A young Pakistani Pakhtun boy takes care of his (maybe) goats. The weather is cold but he's wearing slippers. Pakhtuns have made a strong place in Punjab due to hard work and selflessness. These folks are only concerned with their work, whereas Punjabi locals usually shy away from small jobs or working for people belonging to low casts.


Redefining transportation, a young Pakhtun boy toes a young girl most probably his sister to the other side of the road. In past they were living in mud huts but now they've built concrete homes on lad they've purchased.


When it comes to selfless hard work, Pathans are no doubt the best. We went to this young man to buy some fire wood for a funeral alms lunch. The wood he had was dry but it was wide cut, not suitable for cooking. So we asked him to chop the logs in half. All alone he chopped 450 kilos of wood in something like one hour.


Early morning in a local fruit market a vendor is washing oranges with a mixture of water and oil, it will make the fruit clean and shiny. On the left you could see the bags of oranges he's bought in open bidding.


That's a hell of a "helping foot", who needs a helping hand then? Two young men are pushing a broken car to a workshop(most probably) in Lahore Pakistan.


Once upon a time, I parked my car in the wrong place and went away for shopping. By the time I returned, the police had already lifted my tiny Suzuki 800 away to a foot path. "Getting carried away" has got different meanings for humans and cars. Had to pay a small fine of line $5 or 500 Pakistani rupees to get the car off the foot path.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Random photos from Pakistan

Going to school can be difficult yet interesting every day routine in Pakistan, picture given above (left) was taken in very cold month of December. The kids on the bus roof must be freezing, but they are still heading for their school(must be Gujrat city). Travelling behind the bus is a common thing over here, just check the "spider man" on the right ;)

Make shift truck powered by a diesel engine that's used to lift concrete up to roof tops on construction sites. Giving a new meaning to the words like bare bone and brute force.


 "Pre historic" hand pump some of the readers might think, but seriously these things were present in every home until 1994. In fact when we came to the village in 1992, our village had a lot of hand pumps like this. Later on donkey pumps invaded the country and dethroned poor "dhichkon dhickon" hand pumps.
The goats on the right are just cute.

loaves-on-koloh-pakistan pro-makes-loaves-kaloh-pakistan
"Koloh", or "Kaloh" is a large pan used to cook large loaves. It is used on occasions like weddings when there's a need to cook lots of loaves. The people shown in the image came to our village for a funeral recently. A crew of two arrived the evening before the event to create a ditch and fix their pan up properly. In the night they prepared dough for the loaves. And next day they started "operations" early in the morning, and stopped nead 2 PM a little before the charity lunch ended. A middle aged female also joined them as helper later in the day.


Building an electricity tower is a scene to be seen. I wonder if they train people using Lego, after all the operation is much similar to putting together Lego pieces.


Recently I was travelling on G.T road and saw a Pakistan Army convoy, moving big guns around. The weapons looked extremely graceful.
"Impotence is a state of mind."
Saw this man (right top) some time ago, he's got a wooden leg but still riding a bicycle. It must have been difficult.

Finally, its the end of the day and end of the post. Looks like sun has left writings in the sky before moving out to the other part of the world.